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    Stonex S900

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    Stonex S900 RTK GNSS receiver. In combination with an RTK Subscription this receiver is capable of providing centimetre accuracy in real time. Because The Stonex S900 supports GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou and QZSS satellite constellations it is capable of achieving this centimetre accuracy in tough conditions. Down below you can find which frequencies it supports. The Stonex S900 comes in 2 models: the S900 with 555 channels and the S900A with 800 channels. Both model are IMU enabled for tilt surveying up to 60 degrees.

    Channels 555
     IMU Tilt Sensor 60º
    Internet Modem 4G
    UHF Radio 410-470MHz, 902.4 – 928MHz
    GPS L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5
    GLONASS L1 C/A, L2C, L2P, L3, L5
    BEIDOU B1, B2, B3


    1x S900A/S900  instrument unit
    1x PSAA30R-150, Adapter for battery charger CH 04
    2x BP 5S, Li-Ion battery 7.4V – 3400 mAh (S9i, S4IIC/H, S40)
    1x CH 04, charger for battery BP 5S
    1x Multi-port link cable between receiver and PC or controller  [USB or 7-pins lemo for PC or controller, 7-pins lemo for receiver]
    1x Measuring tape 3m (MT-300)
    1x Carrying case for S900 (CC-900)
    1x SW Cube-link
    1x Pen Drive set 8Gb  with Manual & Video Tutorial

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