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Aplitop Tcp Tunnel CAD

This CAD application processes tunnel surveying data measured by total stations running TcpTunnel or other programs.

TcpTunnel CAD calculates from the points and alignment the cross sections, that can be filtered and edited, and allows you to compare with the tunnel template drawn as a polyline. You can also draw profiles in single or sheet mode with multiple customization options, as well as generate the 3D model of the tunnel.

The application also calculates infra or over-excavation areas and volumes, generating reports that can be printed or exported to various formats.

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Every project is compound of an horizontal and vertical alignment tunnels and templates and point files, supporting different file formats such.as LandXML Trimble TXL ets.

Templates can by defined by parameters or selecting a poly line i CAD it is possible to apply different templates to intervals of alignment and interpolate their dimension.

the measured cross sections can be computed from points and it is possible to draw them in individual mode or by sheets. There are options to label differences between project and measured cross-sections as well as station,  height, areas etc. it is possible to create a 3D view of measured cross sections as a wireline drawing.

Tcp tunnel cad has a Powerful cross sections editor tool for erasing, adding or moving points before drawing. the program computes under break and overbreak areas and volume by comparing project and as built cross sections or profiles measured on different dates.  Reports can be printed and exported to excel and other file formats.

Tcp tunnel CAD creates a 3d model of the tunnel that can be rendered in realistic mode and exported to several file formats. Another command helps you to walk trough the alignment and create an animation

How do you create a project with the Aplitop TcpTunnel CAD software?

How are tunnel templates defined in Aplitop TcpTunnel CAD?

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