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Aplitop TcpTunnel

each project is defined by the horizontal and vertical alignments, superelevations and tunnel templates, that can be converted from a cad drawing, defined by parameters or points measured with total station. as a proper step to surveying and setting out, the station should be oriented by coordinates, angle or resection. user can be selected between local and UTM projected coordinates. Tcp tunnel performs automatic and unattended cross section measurement for each station defined by angle, arc length or height differences intervals. singular points and roadbed can be measured and exclusion areas defined ass well.

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surfaces calculation

the application allows to compare graphically theoretical and measured cross-sections along the alignment, showing in different colors the under excavation and over-excavation ares with their values for each cross-section. other available tools are point analysis over the alignment distance and ares calculation and instrumental settings. The programs has full control over the total station including the compensator, laser pointer measurement with or without prism and battery status, which are constantly monitored.


How to position the total station by resection in Aplitop TcpTunnel

How to automatically survey tunnel cross-sections with Aplitop TcpTunnel.

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