Compass 3

Compass 3 integrates high-precision positioning module, high-sensitivity spiral antenna, 4G network module, WIFI module and data transmission, universal two way communication Bluetooth, and high-frequency power supply board. It supports multi-satellite systems such as BD, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, etc. Compass 3 is compact, lightweight, and compatible with multiple operating systems, which fully meets the centimeter-level positioning accuracy for outdoor workers. It is widely used in industries and scenarios related to location data such as traditional surveying and mapping, personnel vehicle positioning, operation safety, and mobile inspection.

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Precise positioning
Supports BD, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo four satellite systems. Centimeter accuracy in external source differential state.
Smart system
Embedded Linux OS to improve host performance and work efficiency, with more timely response and stable system.
Intelligent configuration
Built-in user management Web UI, accessible with WIFI and USB mode to monitor the status of the device in real time, and freely configure the device.
Multiple combinations
It can be connected with mobiles, tablets, PDA handbooks, etc. via Bluetooth and WIFI, and is compatible with Android, Windows mobile and other operating systems.
Full Netcom
4G full Netcom module, high-speed network connection,real-time backhaul of location information.
Intelligent warning
Electronic fence function, analysis and processing based on the position data, sound, light and vibration early warning
Easy to use
One-button operation, easy to learn, quick to use, reducing the requirements of frontline customers.
Rugged design
Adopt industrial three-proof design, with IP65 waterproof and dustproof, 1.2 m anti-drop, equipped with large capacity battery to meet 10h high-intensity operation, and easy to deal with the harsh environment in the wild.
Road monitoring: patrol inspection of roads, highways, railways, etc., monitoring, track recording, data transmission, etc .;
Vehicle monitoring: monitoring and dispatching of special vehicles such as fire trucks, buses, sanitation vehicles, sprinklers, cable cars, mining vehicles, etc.
Public safety: Public safety inspection, police GIS data collection, and intelligent case handling system
Teaching: schools and majors involved with above mentioned needs can purchase instruments for teaching and practice. 
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