Drone-eco Pro

Impressive is the ground control station software running on the integrated remote controller display. The survey-oriented flight plans and attentive safety control are tailor-made for drone pilots engaging in professional survey work. The well-balanced representation of aerial efficiency, mapping accuracy plus ease-of-use makes it a trustworthy UAV solution, yet it’s fairly cost friendly. Believe it or not, you will find it much easier to train drone pilots than ever!” said Engr. Mayuan, a Chinese specialist dedicated to survey equipment R&D for nearly 30 years.

quadcopter, X-shape, diagonal 700 mm, max. endurance 80 min

Drone-eco Pro package includes:

  • Aircraft body
  • 8x Propeller
  • UAV flight battery
  • Battery charging hub
  • power cable
  • type-c cable
  • tools kit
  • anemometer
  • Remote controller
  • GCS software Fly2Map Pilot

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Drone (Aerial zone)

  • highly integrated aircraft, assembly free and ready to use after unpacking
  • fully autonomous operation after proper settings, no pilot control required
  • direct geo-referencing with accurate POS data delivered by airborne RTK/PPK
  • millimeter-wave radar that provides intelligent obstacle avoidance against flight safety
  • a lightweight but efficient unit that enjoys much longer endurance
  • a variety of payload options available for diverse needs

Drone Eco pro video tutorial


Aircraft Type Drone-eco Pro: quadcopter, X-shape body, with foldable propellers
Drone-eco: quadcopter, H-shape body, with foldable propellers
Control Method vertical take-off & landing
Structure Drone-eco Pro: fully integrated, assembly free
Drone-eco: quick assembly
Diagonal Distance Drone-eco Pro: 716 mm
Drone-eco: 618 mm
Dimension Drone-eco Pro: 564 x 564 x 360 mm (L x W x H)
Drone-eco: 450 x 424.3 x 290 mm (L x W x H)
Weight Drone-eco Pro: 5.15 kg (with battery); 2.35 kg (without battery)
Drone-eco: 3.2kg (with battery); 1.7 kg (without battery)
Payload Capacity Drone-eco Pro: max. 1.4 kg
Drone-eco: max. 0.8 kg
Max. Take-off Weight Drone-eco Pro: 6.55 kg
Drone-eco: 4.0 kg
Power Supply Lithium polymer battery, one unit
Battery Power Drone-eco Pro: 25,000 mAh, 6S, 26.1V
Drone-eco: 12,000 mAh, 6S, 26.1V
Battery Charging Time Drone-eco Pro: approx. 1.5 h (@ 15 A)
Drone-eco: approx. 1.2 h (@ 10 A)
Obstacle Sensing forward 2-60 m, millimeter-wave radar detection
Downward Laser Ranging 10 m, for precise landing control
Max. Service Ceiling 4000 m ASL
Working Height typical 60-1000 m
Cruising Speed max. 12 m/s
Endurance Drone-eco Pro: (without payload/with single lens/with 5-lens) approx. 80/70/60 min
Drone-eco: (without payload/with single lens/with 5-lens) approx. 60/50/40 min
Response Time setup<3 min; packing<3 min
Weather Limit Drone-eco Pro: beaudfort scale 6
Drone-eco: beaudfort scale 5
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Environmental Humidity 90% condensing
Ingress Protection Rating IP 45
Positioning System dual redundancy design
Airborne GNSS Module GPS + Glonass + Galileo + Beidou tracking
Differential Mode GNSS RTK/PPK
Data Refresh Rate RTK: 100 Hz; PPK: 5/10/20 Hz optional
Hovering Accuracy H. 1cm+1ppm; V. 2cm+1ppm
Positioning Accuracy when fixed: H. 1cm+1ppm; V. 1.5cm+1ppm
Relative Accuracy (XY/Z) 1-3x GSD / 1-5x GSD
Single Flight Range Drone-eco Pro: typical 50 km (@ 12m/s, with single lens)
Drone-eco: typical 36 km (@ 12m/s, with single lens)
Single Flight Coverage Drone-eco Pro: max. 6 sq.km (@ 10 cm GSD, with single lens)
Drone-eco: max. 4 sq.km (@ 12 cm GSD, with single lens)
POS Data Storage Micro SD card, 16 GB
Download Interface Micro USB
Pilot Interaction LED indicators & Web UI
Remote Controller Datalink Mode WiFi + type C + RD-link
Internet Access via external SIM card
Control Frequency 2.4 – 2.483 GHz
Communication Channel ≥12
Radio Datalink Range max. 30 km
Transmitting Power 20 dBm @CE / 23 dBm @FCC
Display Terminal integrated with LED display, 7-inch, Android OS
Working Time 6 – 20 h
Hardware Option upgradeable upon request
Payload Connectivity typical flange connector
Power Supply external, supplied by drone battery
Trigger Exposure flight control system triggering
Time Synchronization POS recorded while triggering
Device Options single lens, multi-lens, etc.
Payload Option ① S24, customized single lens, 24.3 MP, 25 mm lens, 266 g
Payload Option ② S42, customized single lens, 42.4 MP, 35 mm lens, full framer, 336 g
Payload Option ③ T53P, customized 5-lens (45° lateral lens x 4, 35 mm; center lens, 25 mm), 120 MP in total, 750 g
Payload Option ④ Q51,customized 5-lens (45° lateral lens x 4, 56 mm; center lens, 40 mm), 210 MP in total, 1.2k g



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