Geosun GS-300T

gAirHawk GS-300T is a kind of Mid-range, compact LiDAR point cloud data acquisition system, integrated Livox Tele-15 laser scanner, GNSS and IMU positioning and attitude determination system, and storage control unit, is able to real-time, dynamically, massively collect high-precision point cloud data and rich image information. It is widely used in the acquisition of 3D spatial information in surveying, electricity, forestry, agriculture, land planning.

Geosun GS-300T Package Includes:

  • POS software
  • Preprocessing point cloud software
  • laser sensor (tele-15) mounted on VOTL Fixed wing drone

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The Tele-15 uses a large-diameter double-aspheric lens and solves common defocusing facula problems in long focus optical design, offering a detection range of up to 500m. Even when target object reflectivity is as low as 10%, it can still reach a detection range of up to 320m. Tele-15 supports customized firmware to increase the detectable range limit to 1000 meters.


Geosun POS output from Shuttle Lidar Software



gAirHawk GS-300T
Item Name System Parameters



Weight 2.15 kg
Working temperature -20℃~55℃
Power range 12 V
Consumption 20 W
Carrier VTOL Fixed Wing drone
Storage 64 GB storage, maximum support 128GB TF card
OD 16 X 12.5 X 13.5 cm

Lidar Unit

Measuring Range 320m@10% Reflectivity, 500m@50% Reflectivity,
Laser class 905nm Class1 (IEC 60825-1:2014)
Laser line number 128 beam
Range Accuracy 2 cm
Pulse Frequency 240 KHz
Beam Divergence 0.02° * 0.12°
Data Rate Double echo 480,000 Points/Sec
FOV 14.5° * 16.2°
Laser sensor Livox Tele-15
POS Unit Update frequency 200HZ
Heading accuracy 0.017°
Pitch accuracy 0.005°
Rolling accuracy 0.005°
Position accuracy ≤0.05m
GNSS signal type GPSL1/L2 GLONASSL1/L2 BDS B1/B2a/B3
GNSS Motherboard OEM 719
Pre-processing software POS software Output information: position, speed, attitude
Point cloud software Output point cloud data format: LAS format, custom TXT format


Application for Mapping & Survey

Application for Mapping & Survey

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