SkyCruiser MF2500

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Long Endurance, Higher Productivity.

A single flight is up to 180 km far, with 5cm resolution MF-2500 is able to measure 20 sq. KM by one flight (10cm/ 40 sq.km). With extra battery changed MF-2500 is able to fly two flights in a single day.

Vertical Takeoff, Unlimited Flexibility

Vertical takeoff and landing, more safe than slide takeoff and landing, requires only few meters space. Elevation is up to 120m, not need to worry about buildings and trees.

High Precision PPK Module Inside

With PPK module inside, the positioning accuracy of MF-2500 is down to 1cm+1ppm. It just requires very few image control points to work.

Simple but Reliable, Ground Station Software

MF-2500’s ground station software features a lot of practical functionalities: safety check before takeoff, flight route planning and preview, flight data realtime display, multi-mission planning, auto pilot, auto landing and take-off.

Skyphoto: powerful, Data Processing SW.

Process photogrammetry raw data and produce various deliverable results required by users.

Mutiple Sensor 

MF-2500 now can carry multi-spectra camera and RGB camera simultaneously.

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