South N6+ Series

Brand new dual laser EDM, it switches in & out light path by electronic laser circuit instead of motor control by mechanical parts. Combine with updated EDM processor CORTEX M4, dual laser EDM will largely decrease the interval of measurement with stronger return signal.

The South N6 Series package includes:

  • Main unit 1x
  • Lens cover 1x
  • Battery holder 1x
  • Battery LB-01 2x
  • Tools pouch 1x
  • Plummet 1x
  • SD card 1x
  • Manual 1x
  • Warranty card 1x
  • Charger LC-01 1x
  • Reflective sheet 1x
  • Carry case 1x
  • Belt 2x
  • Mini USB cable 1x

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Through improved noise reduction, weak signal processing is optimised (SNR increased 4 times). Less light refraction and crosstalk with optimized optical structure. Better alignment with coax-is mechanical improvement. Multiple methods for data transfer.

South N6 long range EDM

Up to 1500m reflector-less range with quick response in 0.3s. N6 can easily handle the target in tough conditions, eg. roof, wires. also enables N6 to achieve accurate (2+2ppm) measurement in 5.0km with prism.

Smaller laser spot

At the distance: 5m, 35m and 50m, N6’s laser spot has improved to an accurate size in 3mm, 12mm and 16mm. The smaller laser spot provides a precise guidance for target aiming.

Easy to use onboard interface

New tool-bar design on the side of screen, which helps you check the status of your N6 Total Station in real-time. Choose N6 to meet your topographic needs as a superior mates. It offers a clear-to-view onboard system by it’s easy to-use but powerful programs. Such as:

  • COGO: calculation of coordinate geometry point based on a known point and line
  • Point to Line: to calculate the coordinate of occupied
  • Offset: angle, distance, column offset

Optimised road program

The optimised road program offers a smart solution for road designing, editing and laying out. The new road program will calculate the horizontal and vertical curve in arbitrary geometric curved algorithm.

Bi-directional data transfer

All the N6 series support Bluetooth communications to external data collectors, a RS-232 port for commands, a card slot and a USB port for data transfer via SD card or flash disk. One key data transfer to SD card. The files including RAW data in TXT format, DXF and CSV. Cooperate with South Communication Software on PC, the data in N6 can be seamless converse to the third-party software to finish the post-processing.

Work on a data collector

After added the Bluetooth module on N6, you will have more possibilities to extend the applications on Total Station. With open source commands, you are easy to establish the communications between the N6 and other software you wish to use.




Distance Measurement Reflector-less 1000m/1500m
Single Prism 5000m
Accuracy: Non Prism 3+2ppm
Accuracy: Prism 2+2ppm
Sheet 2+2ppm
Measurement Time 0.3s In Fine
0.1s In Tracking
Atmospheric Correction Manual Input, Auto Correction
Prism Constant Manual Input, Auto Correction
Temperature Correction Manual Input, Auto Correction
Distance Reading Max: 99999999.9999m Min: 0.1mm
Angle Measurement Accuracy N6 2”: 2″
N6 5”: 5″
Method Absolute, Continuous
Disk Diameter 79mm
Detection Method V: Dual, H: Dual
Angle Reading Min: 0.1″
Telescope Image Erect
Tube Length 154mm
Effective Aperture 45mm (EDM 50mm)
Magnification 30x
Field Of View 1°30′
Resolving Power 3″
Minimum Focus Distance 1.2m
Reticle Illumination 4 Brightness Levels
Keyboard And Display Keyboard Alphanumeric 24 Keys
Display Black & White
Resolution 160*96 dpi
Position Face 1, Face 2
Operation System Operation System None
Processor None
Memory 96000 Points
Interface WIFI None
Bluetooth Class II, V2.0+EDR
SD Card None
Serial Port None
Mini USB None
Mirco USB Yes
USB Flash Disk Yes
SIM Card None
Compensator System Liquid, Dual Axis
Working Range ±4′
Accuracy 1″
Plummet Laser Plummet (Default)
Accuracy ±1.5mm @1.5m
Laser Brightness Adjustable
Wavelength 630-670nm
Laser Class Class 2 /IEC60825-1
Laser Power <0.4mW
Optical Plummet (Optional)
Image Erect
Magnification 3x
Focusing Range 0.5m —
Field Of View 5″
Accuracy 1.5mm @1.5m
Battery Type Lithium
Voltage 7.4V
Operating time 8 hours
Vial Plate Vial 30″ /2mm
Circular Vial 8′ /2mm
General IP Rate IP55
Temperature Range -20°C — +50°C
Dimension 160*150*330mm
Weight 5.2kg
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