South N7/N9 series

Brand new dual laser EDM, it switches in & out light path by electronic laser circuit instead of motor control by mechanical parts. Combine with updated EDM processor CORTEX M4, dual laser EDM will largely decrease the interval of measurement with stronger return signal.

Through improved noise reduction, weak signal processing is optimized (SNR increased 4 times). Less light refraction and crosstalk with optimized optical structure. Better alignment with coaxis mechanical improvement. Multiple methods for data transfer.

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Unique features

B-Boards When stake-out points, particularly for building plots, it is usually necessary to mark a point with an offset. Tape Dimensions Tape dim is a program which integrates surveying using a total station and a measuring tape when a quick survey of an object is required. String Setout Setting out of points by string (point code) allows the setting out of points on a line created in design software.

how to use the basic settings of the South N7 Total station

How to create a job and other operations on the South N7 total station

Easy to use onboard interface

N7 series total station with fully-open Windows CE 6.0 operate system, featured South EGStar, MGStar, with unique applications.

  • Reference Line
  • Alignment Setout
  • Cross-section Measurement and Stake Out
  • Slope Measurement
  • Road Design and Stake Out
  • COGO, etc.

N7 offers the versatility of third-field software options to choose from, for example Microsurvey’s Field Genius, Carlson’s SurvCE or any other localized software. It allows you working in your best users experience and run your own developments under standard VGA display unit

Onboard system

The large graphic display improves the efficiency to access menus and functions by fluent working-flow. N7/N9 afford a complete field-to-office solution to users, includes key features such as COGO Routines, Road Program, Coding, Resection, Stake-out, Reference Line, etc. Windows CE 6.0 operating system also allows the user run the local software based on different market requirements.

Longe range EDM

Up to 2000m reflectorless range with quick response in 0.3s. N7/N9 can easily handle the target in tough conditions, eg. roof, wires. also enables N7/N9 to achieve accurate (2+2ppm) measurement in 5.0km with prism.

Smaller laser spot

At the distance: 5m, 35m and 50m, N7/N9’s laser spot has improved to an accurate size in 3mm, 12mm and 16mm. The smaller laser spot provides a precise guidance for target aiming.


South N7/N9 Series

1. WinCE 6.0 OS onboard, Field Genius onboard
2. 3.5 inchcolor and touch screen with resolution 640*480
3. Dual compensator with range ±4′ and 1″ accuracy
4. 2″ angel measurement accuracy
5. 2mm+1ppm Reflector accuracy,3.5km single prism measurement range
6. 3mm+2ppm Reflectorless accuracy, 600m Reflectorless measurement range
7. Ultra measure speed, Fine mode 0.3S, track mode 0.1s
8. Bluetooth and wifi standard configured
9. Laser plummet standard, optical plummet optional
10. Data transfer options: SD card,USB mini-B,USB OTG,RS232

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