South Navi Station

Total Station with Integrated GNSS

Features Android O.S, Navi Station provides an intelligent solution that integrates GNSS receiver on Total Station. Simply setup and determine the position of occupied point by GNSS receiver to centimetre accuracy, among the range of 40 km from a reference station. Navi Station allows you to work quickly and effectively right from the beginning.

With Navi Station, it’s not necessary to worry about the unknown control points, traverse or the influence of obstacle on the ground. No matter how many difficulties you have met, Navi Station helps you define the position and orientation freely with superior convenience and maximum flexibility.

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Set up the Navi Station wherever it’s convenient. Define the coordinate of occupied point P1 by its integrated GNSS receiver. Then aim at an unknown point P2 as backsight. Measure the data of this area after orientation. Move the station to the unknown point P2 and use the first station P1 as backsight. Based on the defined coordinate, our Navi Station will re-calculate the position of points which measured at the first station.

With Navi Station you don’t need to worry about control points, traverses or sight of view. Navi Station will help you define the position of occupied point and backsight quickly by the integrated GNSS receiver. Benefit from its easy-to-understand graphical guidance and fast navigation inside the software, stake-out the points by Navi Station will be easier and simpler with minimum requirements and maximum flexibility.

station utilizes the open and highly extensible features of the intelligent system to encapsulate the secondary development kit service. Users in different industries can call the required data arbitrarily according to their own needs, and flexibly add custom functions based on this achieve a very rich application and meet the various types of data acquisition needs from the different level users

  • Fully Integrated GNSS
  • Simply Setup the Station Wherever You Want
  • Without the Limitation of Known Points
  • Up to 2000m Reflectorless EDM
  • Cable-free Connection by Bluetooth
  • Intelligent Workflow under Android 6.0

Dual Laser EDM • 2000m Non-prism • Stronger return signal due to Its dual laser technology

USB OTG, TF Card & Bluetooth • Flexible transfer of data via PC or PDA WLAN & 4G Module • Quick access to Internet

Intelligent O.S • Android 6.0 O.S • User friendliness • Free SDK package for developer

Stable Measurement • Accuracy: 2+2ppm • Extremely fast (0.3s) speed under fine mode

5.0 Inch Color & Touch Screen • Built-in high resolution display Numerical Keypad • Faster and easier input of data

All Constellations • Enable the satellite tracking from BDS, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo with 574 channels • Horizontal: 10+1ppm Vertical: 20+1ppm

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